How to Aikido

A i k i d o

井 戸 川 克 巳
Katsumi Idogawa
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WHY AIKIDO なぜ合氣道なのか

Martin Luther King Jr : "Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." 合氣道の理念と重なり合って心に響きます。This mirrors the idea found in Aikido and resonates in my mind. 

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HOW TO Aikido Ikkyo


Aikido Online STAY SAFE STAY FIT #1 -Mar 25, 2020

Ikkyo / 一教

Probably seen as one of the simplest techniques, hence it is one of very important techniques making it more difficult to achieve. You must focus on staying connected to your partner's centre with your centre, otherwise it will be simply one of many Joint-techniques which hurts your partner. You can train with your left hand sword, alone, then the same with your right hand sword. And finally put them together. Let them work together. Remember to capture his/her centre of gravity and not focus on his/her hand sword alone. Both Uke and Tori start with pointing their hand swords at their partner’s toes and raise upwards to capture all of their partner’s energy when they do strike. おそらくもっともシンプルで、それゆえにもっとも奥深く、難しい技の一つでしょう。相手の中心をこちらの中心でとらえるという稽古をしないと、単に相手を痛めつける関節技になってしまう。左の手刀のみで捉える稽古、右の手刀のみで捉える稽古、そして両手刀がともに助け合い相手の重心に働きかける稽古をする。手刀を振りあげるときは 、受も取も相手の爪先から上へ相手のすべてを捉えるように振りあげる。

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HOW TO 護身 Self-Defence

Secret of Self-Defence can be found in Training to Win and Maintain Peace within Oneself

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Spirit / 気もち KiMoChi

“氣持ち” KiMoChi in English is ”Feeling”. But when you use as “氣持ちで負けない” KiMoChi De MaKeNaI, it is more like “Spirit” or “Heart”. In Aikido, it can be referred to as “氣” Ki. A person who does things with her(his) best spirit or heart has an advantage over someone who does things without it. Train Body with Spirit, then that Body brings Spirit up.

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Punch パンチ

Rules have a great influence on the outcome of martial arts and sports competitions. Athletes train and prepare according to the rules set by each competition. If the rules change, the winner could change. I think it is wonderful to develop and grow by competing within set rules. So, what are the rules in daily life? Laws are the foundation, but also, we have to construct rules in order to discipline ourselves. How should we deal with those who do not follow the rules? How should we deal with those who are trying to attack us? If I punch back and injured someone who was temporarily confused and trying to punch me, I would be subject to legal judgment, and above all, I would be obsessed with the feeling that I had lost my self control. We have to react to different situations in various ways to the person who is attacking us. What is a win and what is a loss for me? I am not so attracted to what is called winning anymore. I do not wish to create a loser with my hands, especially a loser capable of retaliation. I am simply happy if I do not lose. Even if I lose, I can learn from it. So, I do not lose, really. Aikido is a Budo that teaches me how to live a daily life with diversified rules. I would like to pursue the true meaning of winning, through the practice of Aikido.


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Solo Training 一人稽古

Wherever I Am, That Is My 道場 DoJo. Whatever I Do, That Is My 稽古 KeIKo. Aikido Is 武道 Budo To Train How To Live.


基本技 KiHoN-WaZa : Basic Technique Is Foundation Of Free Session

一人稽古 HiToRi-GeIKo : Solo Training Is Foundation Of Everything

Heading 6
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Yonkyo Application 四教応用 : Punch Kick Knife
四教 YoNKyo As Great Exercise For One Of Aikido Essentials : 梃子の利 TeKoNoRi / 3D LEVERAGE

Aikido Practice Is To Capture Other’s Essence By Own’s
Aikido Practice Is To Feel True Nature Of Universe

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APPLICATION : KoKyu-Ho In Sitting ​Position 座り技呼吸法応用

Because Of Limitation Of Body Movement By Sitting Down 座り技呼吸法 KoKyu-Ho In Sitting Position Is Great Exercise To Train Inner Mobility And Energy of Centre 中心 Located Below Navel. KoKyu-Ho Is Foundation Of Aikido Which Can Apply To Every Technique.

I have this image of my centre of gravity, located in my core (HaRa). There is a tiny sphere floating in my HaRa. That is like this tiny planet we live on, floating in an infinite Universe. That is where my energy comes from. That is where I can convert my physical and mental tension into positive energy. My focus of Aikido training is to train this centre, my spirit.
T  h  e   A  r  t   O  f   P  e  a  c  e